Chosen by the local people Really delicious Nagoya souvenir!

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I lived in before Nagoya.

so,I know What really delicious Nagoya souvenir.
I would like to introduce the delicious souvenir of Nagoya.

If you have a chance to go to Nagoya in Japan.
Please make this article as a reference♪

No5! tuketemiso kaketemiso

Nagoya red miso is famous.
Miso favored in Nagoya people are sweet.

tuketemiso kaketemiso is sweet miso
It uses through such as fried foods and cabbage salad.

The expiry date is also long,so It is ideal for souvenir.

No4! akahuku
Akauku is very delicious.
I like it very much.

It is like a dessert that uses a rice cake, it is sweet.

赤福餅 12個入 伊勢神宮 土産

It is very recommended, but the expiration date is short.
so,please try to eat in Nagoya.


No3! ebisenbei(Shrimp crackers)

Senbei is like a cracker.
Shrimp crackers may be crunchy, salty, delicious.

No2! Steamed bread by ryoguchiya korekiyo

This is a Japanese sweets!!
It is very popular among my foreign friends.

Please try the delicate sweetness of Japanese sweets.

「名古屋名物」両口屋是清 銘菓詰合 A15号 一段詰

It is a taste that does not taste only in Japan.

No.1! 「YUKARI」by bankakudo

YUKARI like a cracker.
YUKARI is the most delicious in rice crackers.

It is a cracker of firm,Good texture.

【工場直送】えびせんべい 坂角総本舖 ゆかり 袋入り8枚入(名古屋 お土産 えびせん 海老煎餅)

At the end

Please enjoy the taste you do not taste only in Nagoya in Japan.
And I’m glad if you fall in love to Nagoya in Japan

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